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Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS): The Easiest Way to Set Up Wireless Devices

Wireless networks have evolved over the years. It used to be a royal pain to set up security, hand out IP addresses and connect other Wi-Fi devices to the network.

Nowadays, however, the equipment is much easier to set up initially, and connecting all kinds of devices (from printers and Boxee Boxes to other access points and routers) is a snap because of something called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). With WPS, it’s really easy to add devices on the fly.

Many Wi-Fi connectable devices have WPS buttons on them these days, as do most D-Link routers. To see if yours does,  just look for an icon featuring two opposite-facing arrows (see image on right). To add a WPS-enabled device to your network, simply press the WPS button on your router then press the WPS button on the device. They identify each other, and you’re off and running.

There are other WPS connection methods, too, namely:

  • PIN number
  • USB drive set-up (code is transferred from the USB stick to the new device)
  • “Near Field Communication” NFC (just position the device next to the other, and they identify each other)

The easiest way is to press those fancy WPS buttons, though.


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  1. Hi,
    Even if i press WPS button, nothing happens(the indicator does not turn ON).
    Am i missing anything?

    Ashish B

    • Hi Ashish – are you trying to connect two devices using WPS? Can you confirm that both devices have the WPS button? Both products must be powered on and your router must be emitting a wireless signal. Most products come with WPS setup instructions in the package – please consult that for directions specific to your product

      • I’m using samsung mobile I tried to connect to wifi using WPS button but not connected

        • Hi Sathya – What kind of router are you using to connect? Have you tried connecting/configuring it manually?

        • hello sathya — Samsung Mobile doesn’t support for push button connectivity. To connect you have to enter the password.

  2. I’m having a problem connecting my phone to WiFi it was working fine up until yesterday.. my other phone is connected and they are both android phones.

    • hi Rae – if your other phone and other wireless devices are connecting without issue, the problem may be with the phone itself. Make sure there aren’t any pending updates on your phone, try restarting it and connecting. Another suggestion is to remove the wireless network from your saved WiFi connections, let the phone auto-discover and log in again. If you still cannot connect then please contact your phone manufacturer support or service provider. Hope this helps!

  3. MY phone is asking to enter WPS pin in my wifi aceess point to connect to wifi. where should i enter.?

    • Hi Ria – just to clarify, when you try to connect to your wireless network, is it asking for WEP or WPA passcode? Or WPS? If WEP or WPA, it means you need to enter the wireless password for your network.

  4. I have just bought a new N150 wifi extender today and tried to connect it through wps and it is not working. I have it sitting right next to my dlink N750 router and its not finding it, very frustrating for new equipment. I thought it was supposed to be easy!

    • Hi Eric – I am sorry you are having trouble setting up your new wi-fi extender. Can you please tell us the model number of the extender and of your router? Have you tried configuring it manually?

    • I agree. Just bought a DAP 1320 extender and tried a WPS to my DIR 835 and nothing happens. Extremely frustrating technology that does not work. Got on to a chat with D Link. OMG, needed a firmware update on a brand new device. I won’t go in to the difficulties and in the end we gave up. I am returning my DAP 1320 to the store. Brutal technology from D Link. Very unfortunate.

      • Hi Brian – I am sorry you had issues setting up your DAP-1320. We always encourage customers to make sure the firmware is up-to-date on their device as we cannot guarantee that a firmware upgrade hasn’t become available since the device left our warehouse and went out to our retailers. If you are having difficulty setting up the DAP-1320 using WPS, we would suggest trying to configure the device manually – instructions to do so can be found on the product page on

  5. Hi im paul

    • Hi Paul!

  6. I tried to connect my printer to the modem using the WPS button and it will not work. There are two options: 1. push the button on the modem and the printer will scan for it or 2. enter the WPS pin number on the router. How would you do that? Step (1) is not working.

    • hi charlotte – what is the model number of the device you are using? You mention connecting your printer to your modem but WPS should only be used when connecting devices wirelessly, in which case you would be pressing the WPS button on your router.

  7. I am not being able to connect to wi fi, had the ipad now for 12 months,and it just went off and it wont connect,it doesnt ask for a password,what can i do to get back on?

    • Hi David – are any of your other devices able to connect to the wireless network? Try powercycling the device by turning off the router, then the modem, wait a minute or two, then turn back on the modem. When all LEDs are lit, plug in/turn on the router. It is also a good idea to restart any of your connected devices. If you are still not seeing your wireless network please check or call D-Link technical support for further troubleshooting.

  8. my dlink 1000 router had no wireless signal ,i reset and unplug had tried everything still couldn’t get wifi on all the wireless devices,how to I fix the problem ?

    • Hi Judy – After resetting your device, did you reconfigure your wireless network? If you reset the router to default you will need to log in with default account info and set up your wireless network again.

  9. well i did but the router wouldn’t do anything, i even pressed the off button and it didn’t work.

    • Hi Ethan – what kind of device are you trying to connect to your router through WPS? Have you tried connecting/configuring it manually? If it is another D-link device you may want to check some of the FAQs on

  10. Where do I find the WPS PIN on my phone?

    • Hi Liza – that really depends on the phone you have. If you create a search with your connection and the model phone you have, you should find instructions, or check on your mobile phone service provider’s website.

  11. my router doesn’t have a wps button what do I do?

    • Hello Bob – some older routers may not have a WPS button, in which case you will need to configure the wireless network manually and then connect your devices by selecting the network you create and entering the password you set. Here is a blog we just did on how to set up your D-Link router –

      • Pls give details of how to manually configure DIR 505 as my router does not have WPS switch

        • Hi Raman – For details on manually setting up your Shareport Mobile Companion see the User Manual and you’ll find the information on page 13.

  12. hi i am not able to connect my home wifi
    its show error like unable to connect wifi
    even though password is correct

    my phone was first connected with my wifi
    than after for check i have discount it
    and than after when i was going to connect a wifi with same password its show that it unable to connect

    • Hi Chitz – I would recommend power cycling your router. Start by turning your off your router followed by turning off your modem. Turn the modem back on and wait until the lights are lit, once lit up plug your router back in. If that does not work please contact your local tech support.

  13. Hi, my wifi is not showing wireless symbol, can I on it using my smart phone and can I use wps when my wireless symbol is not blinking?

    • Hi Vishwak – To start off I would double check that all your devices are updated with the lasted firmware and software, check your phones setting and click here for router firmware updates. You can also try power cycling your router by turning the router and modem off, waiting a few minutes then restarting them. Another suggestion is to remove the wireless network from your saved WiFi connections, the let the phone auto-discover and log in again. Hope this helps!

  14. Hi,

    I have a dsl-6240B and bought a N300 (dap1320). The router has no wps-button, the N300 does. I tried all possible ways to connect them, but dont manage. How to do?

    • Hi Tony- Based on the model router you have you should still be able to setup and connect the DAP-1320 using the Web Browser Setup instructions for the DAP-1320 that can be found in the Quick Install Guide at Through these instructions you can select the Wi-Fi network you would like the DAP-1320 to connect to wirelessly.

  15. I have an LB-link modem model BL-wr1000, I just pressed the reset wps button on the side and now when I try to connect it asks for a pasword, is there a default password? I cant recall it its been too long.

    • Hi Solo – For tips on what to do when you forget your password check out this blog here.

  16. Hey
    When I click WPS PIN ENTRY on my samsung s2 mobile it shows some number , where should i enter it ..

    • Hi Majid – Once you have received the pin number on your Samsung Galaxy S2, you will need to click on the start button and select Computer from the Start menu. Then click on Network on the left side and double click on the router you are using. Here you can input the WPS PIN number in the Setup>Wireless Setup menu in the Router’s Web UI. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us by calling 1-877-453-5465.

  17. dlink router 615 – Wireless works fine if not password protected. If password protected no devices will connect. Any ideas?

    • Hi Geo – We would suggest that you perform a factory reset on the router and then download and install the latest firmware from If that does not resolve your issue please give our technical support team a call at 1-877-453-5465 so they may assist you. Thank you.

  18. I have just bought a DSL 2730U router for my home use. Now please tell me what does the ‘WPS’ button on the backside of the product stands for? Should I turn it ‘ON’ when I connect my phone using Wifi connection? Is it possible to connect my nokia E5 to the internet using wifi (through 2730U) without pressing this WPS button. Give me some details as you have probably understood that I am just a novice :)

    • Hi Rajarshi – WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and it allows you to connect new devices to your wireless network without entering your network password or information. You can setup new devices manually if you do not want to use WPS but for the most part if you’re connected a smart phone it can be connected by accessing the phone Wi-Fi settings and entering the network password.

  19. Is it possible to connect through nfc? How

    • Hello – We are sorry to mention that D-Link routers are not compatible to connect through NFC.

  20. I have a D-lINK DMG 6661. There is a WPS/ WIFI ON OFF button. If I press this button all that happens is that the WIFI is turned off. How do I manage to make my router identifiable to my HP P1102w? I have read in the user’s guide that when the router is ready to identify other devices the 2-4G led would change to blue. This has not happened and I cannot print wirelessly.

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