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What To Do if You Forget Your Network Passwords

What To Do if You Forget Your Network Passwords

Here’s the good news: because you’ve locked down your wireless network and router configuration settings, you’re one step ahead of anyone trying to access your network and its devices.

The bad news? Depending on which password you’ve forgotten – the Wi-Fi password that enables you to connect devices to your router, or the administrative password you use to log directly in to your router —you’re either in for a short visit to your router’s Web configuration screen or a total router reset.

The Forgotten Wi-Fi Password

I’ll start with the easy one: the forgotten Wi-Fi password. Once you’ve set and saved a Wi-Fi password on your laptop, after all, you won’t ever need to change it — though I do recommend you change all of your passwords a few times a year.

Resetting your D-Link® router’s Wi-Fi password is easy:

  • Type your router’s IP address —— into your Web browser.
  • At the login screen, select “Admin” from the drop down menu and enter your admin password.
  • Once you access the Web configuration screen, click “Setup” in the top menu.
  • Select the “Wireless Settings” link on the left-hand side.
  • From there, click on the “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” button.
  • Scroll down to the field representing my “Pre-Shared Key”. If you don’t see it, select a security mode from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen first.
  • Type in a new password. (I use a hybrid WPA/WPA2 security mode.)

That’s it! Now for the more challenging of the two: the forgotten admin password.

The Forgotten Admin Password

If you forget your Web configuration password, you’re stuck: you have no way to change any settings on your router. Your only recourse is to use a paperclip or other pointy object to reset your router to its factory settings. With the
paperclip, hold down the tiny reset button on the back of your router for about five seconds. Your router lights will blink to confirm the factory reset. You can now use the router’s default password to log into its Web configuration screen (look in your router manual if you can’t remember what this is). Once you’re in, be sure to change this password to something unique. (To ensure a strong password, try Strong Password Generator.)

We all forget passwords. But with a little prep work, your router will be ready to rebound when you have a memory slip.

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  1. need bpassword for router in order to register kindle n download books

    • Hi Deanna – you are most likely looking for your wireless network password which you would have setup when you created your network, it is the password you use to connect any of your devices. If they are looking for the router’s login password then it is either the default (blank or admin) or something you set when you initially configured your router. If you do not know either of these, you will need to reset your router to default and reconfigure the device completely.

      • Hey How can I contact the D-Link technical support ?

    • Thank you very much , was very helpful !

  2. hi mimi – try admin for your username and your password. If you still cannot login, please contact your local D-Link technical support as your device may have a different default login

  3. I dis agree with one tip on this page –
    - you change your password for admin ( the one you forgot/ trying to retrieve)
    - you back up your configuration
    - you reset the router
    - password is set to default ( until here everything is correct)
    - If you restore the backed up config file the password that you originally FORGOT is what the router is gonna take and you are stuck again
    So we are back to forgot password -

    • Sheldon you are absolutely correct! Thanks for catching that!

  4. Thank you It was very help to me when I forgot the password.

  5. Thanks. The Forgotten Wi-Fi Password process worked great!

    • Happy to help Herb!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your helpful blog. I was tearing my hair out until I found you and now I’ve been able to go in and change the password to my wireless system and hope I have stopped the neighbours from running my charges over the top by breaking into my system.

    • Hi Colleen – I’m glad you found this post useful! Good luck with the neighbors. :)

  7. I have for gotten my password. I was sure what it was but when I tried to use my Kindle to download some books, it asked for my password and it wouldn’t take what I thought it was. Now I have no idea what it could be. HELP. So far no one has been able to help me. If I reset my router it will require a password and I don’t know what it is. I have tried google but again they require a password to do what they ask me to do. If I had the password, I wouldn’t need them.

    • Hi Marlene – Just as the blog states if you’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi password and Admin password the only solution is to use the reset button which will restore the router back to factory settings, allowing you to recreate both passwords. For help on resetting your router check out this blog here.

  8. When I try to go to router’s IP address —— It brings me to and then there is advertising o get drivers? What am I doing wrong? I tried it just the number an then I tried it with http:// in front. Help!

    • Hi Patricia – First thing you can try is connecting using a different internet browser to enter the address. If you are still not able to access the configuration menu, then connect the router to your PC, making sure you connect the Ethernet cable from your PC to one of the LAN ports on the router, not the WAN port and then try to access the configuration menu at The DHCP setting may be disabled for this router, therefore, if you can go into the network settings of your PC and set an IP addresses of and use the default gateway of and set a DNS IP address of and see if you are able to connect. If you are still having problems please contact D-Link support at 1-877-453-5465 for further troubleshooting.

      • nothing works …. I still can’t access the IP

        • Hi Malek – Have you tried resetting the router?

  9. I tried the factory reset but it didn’t work… HELP

    • Hi Natalie – Just to confirm, when you pushed the reset button did you hold it for at least 10 seconds before releasing? What router model are you working with?

  10. I tried the Forgotten Password suggestion with the IP address. Every time i put it in, I got the “Cannot Connect” message. Can you help?


    • Hi Mark – If you’d attempted to fix the issue with the ‘Forgotten Wi-Fi Password’ section of the blog and are still having issues I’d try factory resetting the router and making sure that the firmware you are running on is the latest. For information on resetting you device visit this blog and to check the firmware visit

  11. One of the superior pieces i’ve seen this week.

  12. i changed my dlink n150 adsl2+’s password by going to but i accidently typed the wrong one and i dont know what did i type there. Now i’m stuck. I dont know what to do. isn’t working for me anymore. :( help needed.

    • Hi sfr -Have you tried resetting the router?

  13. How to configure my modem, or change wireless password without a LAN connection?
    I have not a LAN connection between my modem(DSL-2730U)and PC, and I used a D-Link wireless USB to connecting…
    I configured the modem with this wireless connection(without security), but after that I added a wireless password(using admin), I can’t connect to modem(with or without the password)…
    Is a way that I set a specific wireless client as admin or something like that?

    • Hi Abbas – The product you mentioned is only sold and supported in India, I would suggest contacting your local technical support for help resolving this issue. They can be reached by calling the toll free number 1800-233-0000. Thanks for choosing D-Link

  14. There is no factory reset password you put what password you like after hard reset
    Great cameras!

  15. Hi
    I have a DSL-2770L
    I have tried to reset password by reseting the router “paper clip method” but it keeps on saying “Your router already has a password”
    Also after trying to reset we now are not able to connect the the Internet on the main computer.
    The Internet light is no longer light on the router.

    • Hi David – The DSL-2770L does not seem to be a US device. I’d recommend taking a look at this blog on resetting devices but for more detailed information please contact your local D-Link Support.

  16. Thanks very helpful :) . Thumbs up

  17. great !!!!! It worked out for me. thanks

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