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Turn Your Old iPhone Into A Wireless Music Receiver

Turn Your Old iPhone Into A Wireless Music Receiver

Planning to upgrade your iPhone but finding it hard to let go of your old one? Well, why not turn that old (maybe even broken) iPhone into a wireless music receiver? WiFi2HiFi_2It’s easy to do with the WiFi2HiFi 2.0 app ($3) which enables you to stream any audio playing on your Mac (music from your library, Pandora or even video audio) to your old iPhone.  First install WiFi2HiFi on your old iPhone and then download the station software on your Mac. Your iPhone is automatically detected and starts streaming as soon as you start the app. You can listen to your music with your iPhone speakers or plug the device into a docking station or stereo system to really blast those jams. You can even plug your headphones into your iPhone and listen to your music, radio station or audio book as you move about your house.

While this app is a useful way to play your music anywhere in your home, it still adds another connection to your growing list of wireless devices. Older routers could handle a few devices connecting simultaneously but now with almost 2 devices per person, it might be time to think about upgrading your home network to 11ac, the next-generation in wireless technology. 11ac routers deliver a faster and stronger wireless signal than ever before, with the ability to handle multiple connected devices simultaneously without affecting performance. Check out D-Link’s 11ac routers to find the right one for you.

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