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Top-Notch Travel Tech

Top-Notch Travel Tech

Traveling can be a stressful thing; double and triple checking your packing list, making sure you get to the airport on time and managing to get everything into that itty-bitty suitcase (because, yes, you do need 6 pairs of shoes for a 3-day trip). In order to save some hair-pulling we’ve compiled a list of a few devices to not only save space but also some of your sanity on your next big trip.

1. Smartphone Attachable Lens
One new tech craze that could completely eliminate your need for a digital camera is the smartphone attachable lens. These new lenses allow your phone to not only be the handiest and most convenient way to grab a quick photo but also ensures your pictures are high quality. You simply attach the tiny lens to your already somewhat decent camera phone and instantly transform your average smartphone into a high end still camera. A few companies have already come out with larger versions but a new Kickstarter, Moment, is soon to come out with the cutest, tiniest and most awesome attachable lens out there (please don’t quote me on those descriptions). By turning your phone (which if you’re a human, you always have within 2 feet of you at all times) into a high quality camera it just makes it that much easier to not only snap quality shots but also to share them online or with friends and family.

Zadro Nano UV Wand2. High-Powered Disinfectant
For germaphobes this gadget will easily be your new bestie for life. The Zadro Nano UV Wand allows you to disinfect and kill 99.99% of all bacteria on a surface with the flick of a wand while saying “Disinfectio Totalus”. OK, you don’t really have to cast a spell since it is battery operated but it’s still an option. The Zadro Wand is definitely one product to keep in mind since sometimes it’s just a little too hard to try and not think about what’s really festering on those subway seats.

3. Portable Projector
Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure the DLP Keychain Projector is a great gadget to watch movies with the kids or project a presentation for work. The tiny pocket sized LED projector can easily connect to almost any device to display photos and movies on any flat surface. So if you’re trying to distract the kids for a bit or just showing off your vacations videos to the rest of the family, this handy lil’ guy is crazy portable and convenient.

DIR-510L4. Travel Router & Charger
One main concern for the modern traveler is making sure your devices are taken care of; making sure they are not only charged but also that you’ll be able to find an internet connection. Well, have no fear because D-Link’s new Wi-Fi AC750 Portable Router and Charger (DIR-510L) solves all of those problems and many more. The tiny device is not only a portable router, creating an instant Wi-Fi spot that allows you to connect multiple devices to an 11AC network but also acts as a portable battery to connect and charge mobile devices and provides USB storage to share media. The DIR-510L saves you from stressing over making sure you have all the right chargers, files, and also eliminates any additional fees hotels may charge for using multiple devices on their network.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones
Traveling in general can be quite a noisy event so make sure you’re prepared with not only some kickass tunes but also some great noise-cancelling headphones. Depending on your style there’s the retro large headphones or you can rock the more subtle earphones but make sure they’re of good quality and feature noise-cancellation so you can easily tune out the crying baby on the plane even if that baby is yours and is sitting right next to you!

If I do say so myself, these gadgets are pretty nifty so make sure that you’re prepared with all of the newest and coolest tech the next time you’re heading out of town.

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