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Tackle Digital Disorganization: How You Can Organize and Access All Your Files Using NAS

Computers have made our world faster and more connected, but they’ve also made our digital lives more complicated and divided. Most people have files stored across several different machines. Your family photos may be sitting on your home desktop, your work reports on your laptop, your memories and documents scattered about. Not only does this digital disorganization make your most important work and personal files hard to find; if your materials aren’t backed up, it also puts them at risk of being irretrievably lost.

What every citizen of the computer age really needs is a digital “home base,” a place to put all your files for instant remote access and automatic backup. This might sound like an impossible fantasy, but with D-Link’s new ShareCenter® NAS devices, it’s easier than ever before. Here’s how you can use NAS to tackle the digital disorganization in your life:

Centralized Storage Makes Sharing Simple

Elegant and easy to configure, ShareCenter is a simple and powerful take on NAS, or Network Attached Storage. NAS operates like a high-powered external hard drive, but instead of connecting to an individual computer, it connects directly to your network router. Because NAS has its own network address, you can store files on it and then access them directly from any other device (PC or Mac) on your wireless network.

The Convenience of Remote Access

But that’s not all. You can also use ShareCenter to remotely access your files from nearly anywhere. The DNS-327L ShareCenter 2-Bay Network Storage Device  includes a web-based file server that you can use to access your files from anywhere over the Internet. Once you’ve configured this feature, just log into your ShareCenter using D-Link’s user-friendly web EasyRemoteManagerScreensinterface and you’ll be able to quickly download the documents, photos, and other media files you’ve chosen to share. In addition, ShareCenter devices feature built-in FTP (File Transfer Protocol) capability, so you can access and modify your files remotely from any machine that has access to the Internet. 

ShareCenter makes centralizing files from all corners of your life simpler than ever, streamlining your digital life. And because it’s so easy to access from anywhere, ShareCenter is also a great way to share files with friends and family scattered across the country–or the globe.

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