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How To Set Up Your D-Link Cloud Router

How To Set Up Your D-Link Cloud Router

So, you just purchased a D-Link router and now you’re ready to get your fast Wi-Fi up and running. Thanks to D-Link’s Quick Router Setup process, it should be a piece of cake. But just in case you’d like some extra help, this blog explains the entire process and even provides links to helpful resources.

What You Should Expect to See in the Box

Although older devices may include a setup wizard CD instead of a Wi-Fi configuration card, your box should include:

  • Router
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Wi-Fi Configuration Card
  • Quick Install Guide

Before you Begin

  • Users with DSL providers – If you are using a PPPoE connection, you will need your PPPoE username and password. If you do not have this information, contact your Internet service provider (ISP). Do not proceed until you have this information.
  • Users with Cable providers – Make sure you unplug the power to your modem. In some cases, you may need to turn it off for up to 5 minutes.
  • Users with a Modem/Router Combo – If your ISP provided you with a modem/router combo, you will need to set it to “bridge” mode so your D-Link router can work properly. Please contact your ISP or refer to the user manual for your modem/router device.

Quick Setup Instructions

Step 1: Connect the included power adapter to a wall socket and your router

Step 2: Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN (or internet) port of both your modem and router, connecting the two. (WAN ports are normally yellow)

Step 3: Give it a moment to start up with a light indication

Step 4: Head to your computer or mobile device

Step 5: Look in your network preferences and connect to the Wi-Fi Name (SSID) found on the provided Wireless Configuration Card and enter in the password also listed on the card.

config card

Congratulations! You’re connected!

Is The Quick Setup Not Cutting It? Let’s Delve Deeper… 

Step 1: Unplug the Power to your Cable/DSL Internet Modem

Step 2: Connect an Ethernet cable from your computer/laptop to a LAN port (Port 1,2,3 or 4) on your router

Step 3: Connect your Cable/DSL modem to the Internet Port on your router

Step 4: Power on both the router and your Internet Cable/DSL Modem

Step 5: Open your Internet browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox) and enter into the address bar.
setup wizard

Step 6: You should be prompted with the D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard, Click Next to Begin.
config page 1

Note: This wizard will only appear at the first configuration. If your router has been configured previously, you will need to reset it to go through the setup. To reset your device to default settings, press and hold the reset button (on the back of the router) for 10 seconds and release. The lights on the front of the router should all flash and reboot. - Return to step 5

  • The Router will perform a scan to determine the type of internet service you have. If successful, the Internet Setup will be skipped.
  • If the scan was not successful, you will be prompted to select your Internet Type:
    • DHCP Connection (Dynamic IP Address) - Cable Internet Service (Rogers,Shaw,Cogeco, Videotron, Teksavvy)
    • Username / Password (PPPoE) - DSL Internet Service (Bell Sympatico, Teksavvy DSL, Sasktel, Acanac)
      • Username: Your Internet username (Provided by your Internet Service Provider)
      • Password: Your Internet Password (Provided by your Internet Service Provider)
        config page 3 config page 4
  • Next is your Wireless Settings. Enter a New Wireless Network Name and Password. This password is what you will need when connecting to your wireless signal for the first time.
    config page 5
  • Enter a password for your router. This password is needed when you want to log into the router configuration setup page.
    • Note: This is not your wireless password
      config page 6
  • Select your Time Zone.
    config page 7
  • A summary of your wireless settings is displayed. This includes your wireless network name and your wireless password. Click Save.
    config page 8
  • The router will now reboot to apply your new settings and the setup is complete.
    config page 9

If you still need additional assistance, please visit to get started on a support path to get things up and running. 

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  1. I have purchased Dlink DIR600L wifi router and confugered for my laptop. Since admin is the default username and i selected a password in order to login. But while connecting to Mobile (Iphone / Lumia) it is not getting connected, i am not sure which password to enter, i am not sure about the settings, can anybody help me in this regards

    • Hi Vikas,
      It sounds like you created a password for your router login but perhaps not for your wireless network. When you configure your router, you have to log into it with the default username and password (which you can then change). To create your network name (SSID) and set a password with encryption (WPA, WEP, etc) select ‘Wireless Settings’. Then you will select ‘Wireless Connection Setup Wizard’ and follow the steps to set up your wireless network. When you have completed these steps and your settings have been saved, your mobile devices should be able to see your network and you can enter the password you just chose. Hope this helps!

  2. D-link wi-fi router model-DWL-2100AP

    I have connected D-link router with my pc through modem and i can access internet through my phone.

    But i cant configure my router through AP Manager even it is been discovered.

    • hi Yashvora – we suggest that you contact your local D-Link technical support for one-on-one troubleshooting or check in case someone has had and resolved the same issue

  3. I cannot connect the dlink router to my lap , it not detecting the device

    • Please make sure you have configured your router’s wireless network and try restarting your laptop once your router’s settings have been saved. If you still cannot detect your wireless network, please check or call your local D-Link technical support for one-on-one assistance.

  4. Hi, i recently purchased Dlink router DIR-600L, i m using cable met being provided by a network operator near my home, i have followed all the steps told in the guide but unable to configure it. I cannot access the router page http://dlinkrouter, through my desktop system, can anyone plz help me how to configure it.
    Further more there is an ip address assigned to my computer
    Subnet mask
    And all other stuff like dns server etc etc

    • If the DIR-600L is plugged in and connected to a network and has a green status LED that is showing a solid green status, then follow the steps listed below to reset your router to the factory default settings. If the status LED light is not showing solid green, try replacing the network cable leading from the router to your cable modem and powercycle the DIR-600L and then check if the LED status light is now showing solid green.

      Please follow these steps to reset the DIR-600L back to factory default settings:
      Step 1: Make sure your device is connected to a network and the status light is solid green.
      Step 2: Please use an unfolded paperclip to press and hold the RESET button for at least 20 seconds while your device is plugged in.
      Step 3: Please wait 60 seconds for the device to reboot. And this process will change all your settings back to the factory defaults.
      Step 4: Next, try and access the router configuration setup by typing in your web browser address bar.

      If you are having issues with any of the above steps at any time please contact D-Link technical support at for further troubleshooting with hardware setup.

  5. I have D-link router DIR-600L.

    Actually I forget my d-link router login password and I can not access d-link set up page. I remember my internet connection password but not router password. How can I get back my password. Please help me.

    • Hi Jigar – For tips on what to do if you forget your network passwords check out this blog here.

  6. Hi,

    I have configured dlink 600l 150 cloud router. with which I am able to browse and play videos in youtube via my laptop.
    But when I connect my phones (nexus5 or samsung galaxy s2 or s3) I see that the pictures are not getting uploaded and also not able to play videos on youtube.
    Also some time I am able play videos and some time it doesn’t work.
    very much confused.

    Could you please help me out with any specific configuration that need to be done on the router side, as all these phones I mentioned works properly in other wifi network.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi Anand – To start off I would recommend clearing you cache on your phones as well as making sure everything on your phone is up to date. I would also recommend checking to see if your router is working with the most up to date firmware which you can find here. If you continue to have problems please contact your local D-Link support.

    • Hi Anand, I am also facing same issue. did you found any solution.

      • Hi Abhi – What we recommended was to start off by clearing you cache on your phones as well as making sure everything on your phone is up to date. I would also recommend checking to see if your router is working with the most up to date firmware which you can find here. If you continue to have problems please contact your local D-Link support.

        • Sir, I’m having the same problem on my DSL-2750u modem. It plays youtube on PC, but when I try to open YouTube on phone, the app works fine, but on trying to load the video it keeps on saying , “Unable to connect to server, please try again”. My phone is updated and working fine. Also, my firm ware version is IN_1.08, I tried to update it to 1.10 , but modem keeps on saying, “Upgrade Failed”. I didn’t expected such problems from a modem of D-link. Please help.

          • Hi Manu – To start off is this issue specific to YouTube videos only? If so you can try clearing your cache, deleting your cookies, and upgrading your browser (if you are using a browser to access the application as well as enabling Javascript). Next, try to update your Flash player, and then check for new YouTube app updates that may be available under your phone apps. You may also try changing your video quality to a lower setting, then wait for the buffer bar to start to show the video data has buffered long enough before you click play in the video player and then switch back to your preferred settings. As a last resort you may try turning off your firewall settings and then check to see if the video content will load and play then but generally the firewall only protects your PC unless you have installed a hardware firewall. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi, my lan connection have both username,password and ip address to use the internet. Then what i have to do to configure my dlink dir600l router?

    • Hi Suman – Just to clarify are you using a DSL internet service?

  8. I recently bought DLINK router 2750U. I have done the setup and can connect some of the devices to router and do internet access. Problem is that my ASUS laptop X55U is not able to find the network (does not detect SSID). However this laptop works fine if I create wi-fi hotspot using any of my smartphones and is able to detect numerous other networks. Only time I face problem is that when it tries to detect DLink router.

    In the past it worked but then suddenly stopped working. I have tried driver upgrade in laptop but that did not help. I tried firmware upgrade in router but that is not getting done. This is a unique problem that I am seeing and I also see that there are other people facing similar problem.

    Please help.

    • Hi Sudhanshu – I would try power cycling your router by first turning your off your router followed by turning off your modem. Turn the modem back on and wait until the lights are lit, once lit up, plug your router back in. If you need further assistance please contact your local D-Link support as the DSL-2750U does not appear to be a US product and you local support team could provide more detailed assistance :)

  9. Hi. I have DIR-600L router. I tried and finished the setup but it still says that the internet connection status is disconnected. I’m using Dynamic DHCP. When I try to connect the modem directly to my laptop I had internet but when I’m trying to use the router, I can’t connect. The LED for internet is a solid yellow/green light. Do you know what might be the problem? Thank you so much for the help.

    • Hi Leah – First I’d recommend checking to see that your router is loaded with the most up to date firmware, which you can check here. If that still doesn’t work I’d go ahead and reset the router back to factory settings, for instructions on how to do that click here.

      • Hi Zoe,

        Facing the same problem, Internet connection is showing disconnected in Wireless router setup wizard. tried brigding with the Adsl router, but still not able to run internet. Although bittorrent is downloading the stuff, but websites are not opening. One thing noticed was that in Network connections there was one more connection with name “Internet Connection” and in its properties Bittorrent ports were added. if ports has to be added then addition of all services port will be cumbersome.. Any suggestions for this


        • Hi Mandeep – You may want to check your Firewall settings, especially if you are running more than one Firewall, such as Windows Firewall along with another 3rd party vendor anti-virus and or firewall software product, and try temporarily disabling them. Please note that when two software firewalls, such as Windows Firewall and another 3rd party product, are installed on the same computer, contention between the two applications can sometimes occur incorrectly blocking traffic to internet websites. You may try resetting your router, and your network connections, and issue a release and renew on your IP addresses if you are using DHCP as well, In addition, you may also check to see if your DNS is connected and working properly by typing the following in a command prompt window: nslookup If you receive a reply back with several different IP addresses then, try pinging each of the IP addresses returned in the previous command and if your pings go through and work, then you may want to check to make sure there are is no proxy configuration set within the web browser you are using. If no IP addresses are received then you may have to contact your ISP to have them check connectivity to your DNS being utilized for your network or your own DNS if you have one setup and connected to your network. Thank you for choosing D-Link and if you continue to have issues please contact D-Link support at 1-877-453-5465 for further assistance.

      • I have the same problem with Leah.
        I recently bought it yesterday.
        I really need help.


        • Hi Kyle – To start did you try updating the router’s firmware? You can find the latest firmware here. If you’re still having issues I’d try the factory reset, for tips or resetting your router check here. If the router is still malfunctioning please contact your local D-Link Support.

  10. Hi,
    I have bought a DLR600 last week. I also have a Cable Internet connection. I am trying to configure the router for the same. I have tried the steps mentioned in the installation guide several times but still not able to configure the router. I neither able to open the default IP not http://dlinkrouter. I have got a Macbook Air which doesn’t have any Ethernet port. I thought of configuring the router using my Windows laptop then use the wifi connection to browse the internet. Any help is highly appreciated.

    • Hi Biplob – Did you mean DIR-600? I can’t seem to find any information regarding a DLR-600 product.

  11. I have purchased a D-link 600L wifi router, but using wifi, I can only connect my phone,ipad. But I am unable to connect my laptop. I have tried with a different laptop also. But it provides the same result. I have changed my IP, i set it from dynamic to static,(ip:, subnet mask:, default gateway:, but no change. The connection is limited.

    • Hi Sourav – I’d start off by making sure that the DIR-600L router has been updated with the latest firmware version available based on the hardware version of the model you purchased. You may check and obtain the latest firmware versions available for your device at Next, make sure you have an updated Java-enabled web browser and also try to disable any internet security software running on the computer. Software firewalls such as Zone Alarm, Black Ice, Sygate, Norton Personal Firewall and Windows XP firewall may block access to the configuration pages. Make sure the driver for your wireless access card or adapter is up to date and running either of the following standard protocols IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u on your laptop and it is compatible with WPA/WPA2 and or WPS.

      If you have tried all of the options above and are still unable to connect try resetting the DIR-600L back to the factory defaults by pressing the reset button located on the back of the device. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. Then reconfigure the router settings and if you it still cannot connect to your laptop, please contact D-Link customer support at 1-877-453-5465 for further assistance. Thank you for choosing D-Link.

  12. i have set up my dlink router without connecting the lan cables to the modem through the router. if i connect the cables as instructed above i cannot connect to the internet through my laptop.
    after setting up the router i can detect and connect to the Dlink router but do not have an internet access as i cannot connect it until and unless i directly connect the laptop to the moden. why is this happening can anyone please help.
    my network provider is you telecom (PPPoE).
    i have setup the router for the right type of connection but still cannot use the wifi to create wifi internet ..

    • Hi jay – Please note that if you are using a PPPoE connection, you will need your PPPoE user name and password. If you do not have this information, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Do not proceed until you have this information. Also, make sure you disable or uninstall any PPPoE software such as WinPoET, BroadJump, or EnterNet 300 from your computer or you will not be able to connect to the Internet. If you continue to experiencing issues please contact our technical support team by calling 1-877-453-5465. Thanks for choosing D-Link!

  13. Hi Zoe,

    Two days back I purchased a D-Link 600L wifi router. Was able to configure it properly. I am using local cable internet. Everything worked fine first day. However, now I am facing problems when I am trying to connect to the wifi network via my Lumia 620 mobile phone. It shows error saying “Unable to connect to the network”. My Phone is able to trace the wifi connection but fails to connect. But sometimes it does connect works fine for 10-15 mins and again gets disconnected.
    However, my laptop is working absolutely fine with the wifi net. Proper network is received.
    Can you please help me solve this issue.
    I am unable to connect to the wifi network via my cell phone.



    • Hi Nakul – The issue you have mentioned is likely due to the fact that your mobile device cannot connect to the router via WPA. It probably only can connect through WEP, the original wireless encryption standard. D-Link advises that you log into your camera’s advanced settings and click on the “Wireless Settings” tab located under “Setup”. Under this section, click “Manual Wireless Connection Setup” and switch the security mode to WEP. If you are still unable to connect please give us a call at 1-877-453-5465 so one of our agents can assist you. Thank you for choosing D-Link.

  14. after configuring router with help of modem ,now can i directly connect without help of modem? is it possible?

    • Hi – This depends on the type of modem you have. With most modems you will have to connect your router directly to it for you to have a working Internet connection.

  15. I have purchased a D-link 600L,it was working fine
    but when i changed its password
    i tried to connect it to my laptop but it didn’t ask for password and it tries to connect without password when i click connect
    but laptop never gets connected to my network

    • Hi Rohan – Please note that the problem you have mentioned can be resolved. Just factory reset your router and then download and install the latest firmware form Thank you for choosing D-Link.

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