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How To Protect Your Home with a Complete Surveillance Solution

How To Protect Your Home with a Complete Surveillance Solution

When I was a kid I often found myself fantasizing about protecting my family and friends. I would imagine all sorts of scenarios. Sometimes I had to fend off a horde of thieves with nothing more than a sword. Other times I had to protect my castle with a bow and arrow. Whatever the weapon, I always won.

Although sitting outside of my home 24/7 armed with a sword and shield would arguably be an effective way to ensure the safety of my home and everyone in it, I’ve come to terms with the fact that, as an adult, I just don’t have that kind of time. So now that I’m older, my weapon of choice has evolved. Now when I dream of protecting what I love, I dream of a state-of-the-art IP surveillance solution.

D-Link offers a wide array of network cloud cameras that include features like night vision, motion sensing, audio detection, pan/tilt, zoom and more, making it easy to create a custom surveillance solution tailored to your needs. With the free mydlink app you can even view your camera’s live feed anytime, anywhere. But what about adding more cameras to your home surveillance? And how do you keep your footage secure if your camera gets destroyed or DNR-202L_campaign_page_111813_slice_02stolen? Well D-Link has got you covered! Complete your home surveillance solution with the mydlink Camera Video Recorder (DNR-202L), giving you the ability to simultaneously stream, search and record up to 4 cameras. Store up to 8TB of recordings with two of your own external hard disk drives or solid state drives connected via USB. The DNR-202L can even play back recorded footage while still streaming live feed and allows you to set motion detection and scheduled recordings.

Best of all, the DNR-202L is a lightweight and compact device that can be placed almost anywhere, keeping your footage safe and secure. Connect your DNR-202L to your network using your existing electrical wiring with the PowerLine AV 200 Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-209AV) and gain the freedom to tuck it away anywhere there is an electrical outlet. Think of all the places you could hide it…your attic, basement, closet, garage….be creative! And if you think the mydlink Camera Video Recorder  sounds expensive, think again, it’s probably the most affordable surveillance solution out there and there’s nothing exactly like it!

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