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Nation’s First All-Digital and Bookless Library Opens in Texas

Nation’s First All-Digital and Bookless Library Opens in Texas

Utilizing 3M’s Cloud Library service consisting of around 10,000 e-books, the first “bookless library” has landed in Texas. BiblioTech, a 4,800 sq. foot San Antonio public space, brings the next-gen library into the palms of the local community.  The need was there, as an estimated 40% of surrounding households are without internet altogether. Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff first came up with the idea to create an all-digital library as he felt these public realms lacked innovation and couldn’t keep up with society. After some research he found that no one else was doing this and decided to be the first.

Bibliotech all-digital library

The digital library can even be accessed remotely and now with 7,000+ registrants, it’s catching on. In fact, to keep up with demand this space-aged center checks out to its members 600 basic e-readers and 200 “enhanced” readers for kids to play audiobooks and other educational software. BiblioTech is stocked with 10 laptops, 40 tablets, and 48 computers and even has an Xbox 360 gaming system hooked up to a large HDTV. Judge Wolff wanted to provide the traditional community setting while keeping tied with moving trends and providing the “internetless” community a hub to connect. BiblioTech plans to hold computer and e-reader classes to help educate the community on useful technology. Judge Wolff hopes to set a precedent for other communities to follow or develop their own strategies for bookless libraries.

If you’re like most and wish there was a way to access your library from anywhere, then we have a neat idea for you to take home. With the mydlink SharePort™ app, you can create your own private cloud that can house any book, magazine, periodical and even music or movie from your own personal library and is easily accessed with your tablet, smartphone or PC. All you need to get started is a SharePort™ Go (DIR-506L) and your own USB drive; that way your existing tablet or phone can become your new e-reader allowing you to go anywhere and still have a portal to your personal cloud. Now if only there was a way to access your favorite mystery novel with your mind!

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