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It’s National Cat Day, Me-oowwww

It’s National Cat Day, Me-oowwww

Put your paw (err…hand) up if you’re a cat lover! It’s National Cat Day! The day to celebrate our beloved feline friends. Do you ever wonder what your little buddy is doing while you’re not at home? Probably getting into some kind of trouble, right?

1. Who let the dogs out?! Who, who, who, who, who?


2. Just looking for that pot of cat nip at the end of the rainbow


3. Who keeps beating my high score on Fruit Ninja…ugh!

Cat plays fruit ninja on ipad - Imgur

4. So, just a heads up….we’re out of toilet paper guys


5. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na CAT NANNY!

(Disclaimer: D-Link does not in any way recommend leaving your baby at home with your cat)

6. Dogs eat your homework and cats do it for you!


7. Wife: “Honey, did you Swiffer the floors today?”
Husband: “Um…sure…”

Swiffer cats!

8. Hey guys, my owners are out for the night – house party at my place! Bring your own yarn balls


9. Tired of coming home in hopes of eating that leftover pizza for dinner and finding an empty box in the fridge?


10. Game night! No, no, no don’t do the bottom one man!


11. So that’s how my cat became an Internet sensation overnight….


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