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  • AnnaJensen

    Hi, I’m Anna. I have been in the States for about two years now and I am originally from rainy Sweden. I hate rain and that is why I decided that sunny California is the place for me. I have also tried living in London, but since it rained there too, I totally gave up on Europe. My major is Marketing and I’m currently doing my A.A degree at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, and will most likely transfer to Cal State Fullerton as soon as they let me in there. I do a whole lot of things on my free time, which isn’t much to brag about right now considered that I’m a student, but when I actually do have free-time I mountain bike, cook and run around with my camera taking photos of just about everything I can. My inspiration comes from music in all forms and varieties, but mostly from a D.J. called Armin Van Buuren.

  • CJWoodling

    I'm CJ, D-Link's Content Marketing Manager! I'm an information hog always looking for what's going on in the world, specifically in the tech industry. I'm also a massive sports fan, specifically of hockey and baseball. When I'm not watching way too much sports for one human's health, I'm always looking for my next travel destination.

  • CarissaBlegen

    At D-Link since 2006, Carissa is a self-proclaimed 'D-Link Wikipedia' who happily embraces the "crazy cat lady" persona and looks forward to the day when she owns a ranch filled to the brim with cats & kittens. Carissa greatly enjoys writing which she feels goes hand-in-hand with her love for reading which in turn goes hand-in-hand with her love for sleeping. When she's not writing, reading or sleeping, she's making mixtapes for a handful of lucky recipients.

  • ChristinaRamirez

  • DanKelley

    With more than 20 years of professional marketing experience, Dan leads his full-service marketing department to develop creative, innovative, carefully-planned, and award-winning campaigns and product launches to support the company’s overall growth. Marketing programs and tactics include advertising, social media, public relations, product marketing, web experience and a variety of sales support functions. Before joining D-Link (way back) in 1999, Kelley led marketing efforts for a range of other companies and clients. He received a BA degree in communications from CSUB and resides in Aliso Viejo, CA with his wife and three children. @daniel_kelley

  • DavidLux

    David Lux is the Digital Marketing Manager at D-Link, where he gets to combine his passions for technology and all things digital. When he isn’t absorbed in the world of networking, David can be found cooking, running, or dreaming of his next travel destination. You can follow David and his musings on Twitter @autocontent.

  • DustinIllingworth

    Dustin is a musician, author and painter living in Orange County, CA. Things he likes: Martin guitars, spicy food, rivers, cats, Natalie Portman, the moon, nostalgia, Fleet Foxes, puns, IPAs, beard grooming tools, authenticity, creativity, courage, the LA Clippers, the Getty, pho, libraries, humor, philosophy, theater, jazz, Woody Allen, rational humanism, Paul Gauguin, family, Fellini, loyalty, Khaleesi Things he doesn't like: all-pervading irony, Guy Fieri, mediocrity, jerks, mayonnaise, reality television, food pictures on his facebook feed, hipster ascension, pretension, gossip, Phil Collins, the LA Lakers, sheeple, fanboys, bros, traffic, slow wifi speeds

  • FionaHutcheson

    Hi. I’m Fiona. I’m a Consumer Marketing Manager at D-Link and I love what I do. I also love a lot of other things. Things like alphabetizing, Breaking Bad, Grease II (I know), Japan, margaritas, music, personality typology (I’m an INFP), pumpkin scented candles, puns, Radiolab, red wine, San Francisco and most importantly: food. I. Love. Food. So much so that I made a food map. I’m really good at making really bad jokes, I’m always ready for boot weather, I can’t keep my plants alive and I probably left my straightener on.

  • GilInes

  • ITWeb

  • JonathanWalton

  • KaylaAdair

    Hi I'm Kayla and I am the Channel Marketing Manager at D-Link! I was born and raised in Southern California leaving only to spend my four years of college in beautiful San Luis Obispo. I love the beach and anything involving camping or being outdoors. The rest of my free time is spent cooking, playing music, or traveling. (:

  • LisaBurkhart

  • NimaJamshidi

  • OscarReyes

    The first thing I ever bought with a paycheck when I was 15 years old was a pager. It was semi-transparent and blurple in color. It was always clipped to my pocket to show the world "Hey! I have a pager!" and I wore it with a small chain that connected to a belt loop. This screamed "Hey! Don't steal my pager!". It was that small piece of beeping awesomeness that fueled my love of gadgets and technology as a whole. Couple that with my passion for art and design explains how I became the Marketing Graphics Manager at D-Link. The vast majority of my career has been spent in the consumer electronics industry and for that, I've always considered myself pretty lucky.

  • RandyBart

  • SharanKeswani

  • ShelleyTan

  • TiffanyChen

    Tiffany has been a happy D-Linker for over a year now. She's currently in her last quarter as an undergrad, majoring in Communications & Media Studies. She's been a marketing enthusiast since the day she realized she had to start thinking about a career (which was definitely after her freshman year of college) - and being a part of the Social Media Marketing team has got her hooked. When she's not in class or working, she enjoys discovering new music and going to concerts. She has a serious case of wanderlust and is a real down to Mars girl. Dogs, denim, analog photography and breakfast burritos are just a few of her main jams.

  • VinhNgo

  • ZoeRevis

    Hi, I'm Zoe! I am a Content Marketing Manager at good ol' D-Link. I'm originally from the greater north (of California). I wandered down here a while ago to attend the lovely California State University of Long Beach and just decided to never leave. I'm a lover of cooking, baking, reading, music, Netflix, friends and my cat Tim.


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